Our staff has a wide range of skills that can provide you with actionable information to greatly enhance and benefit your business. We also maintain working relationships with other leading experts in the Geospatial field.

To augment our drone-based operations, we also incorporate manned aircraft and satellite imagery when appropriate. With the ever-expanding desire to improve our client’s productivity, efficiency, and profitability, the expertise to acquire and analyze this kind of data is rare – yet attainable through our proven services.

We provide each customer with consultative services specifically designed to match new technologies with individualized solutions with designs to reduce costs and optimize their financial investments.

When you are ready to review our diverse and pioneering drone technology services, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

AboveGeo Management Team

  • Eric Severance CEO

    Eric Severance (CEO) is a senior level executive who is successful in establishing new records in revenue and profitability, customer satisfaction and repeat business. This success has been achieved through strong leadership and vision combined with bold and innovative approaches to business. His business history is rich in business management, operations, technology, and finance. He has broad experience in corporate environments, investments, start-ups, turnarounds, and resort management.

  • Kirk Ellern CMO/Co-Founder

    Kirk Ellern (CMO/Co-Founder) has a Bachelor of Science degree in Range, Wildlife, and Forestry from the University of Nevada, Reno’s Agriculture College. His professional experience includes 15 years in developing new technologies in the consumer and OEM electronics industry such as early GPS receivers, portable audio players, and handheld satellite radios. Kirk’s background is in developing customer focused product solutions using new technologies and drives AboveGeo’s strategic focus.

  • Norm Smith Advisor

    Norm Smith (Advisor) has founded nine successful startups in the past thirty years, raising their annual revenue to over $100 million each. He has raised over $250 million in startup funding to get the ball rolling and has executive management experience in several fields, including cutting edge innovations in retail, technology, manufacturing, and international business development. Norman has also started many successful joint ventures in Hong Kong, Thailand, and China.