AboveGeo has assisted many clients in the mining and construction industries allowing for survey grade volumetric analysis within hours of collection. We also use multispectral cameras to find water ponding on heap leach pads to identify areas of concern for wildlife issues and leach drainage analysis.

The AboveGeo team can handle all drone services and operations assuming the responsibilities of regulatory oversite, insurance requirements, and technology training. We also can design a survey system and data system, with training, for clients who prefer to bring drone surveying into their regular operations.


AboveGeo serves a myriad of environmental and conservation projects and provides quick, easy and cost-effective aerial imagery, detailed mapping, and advanced analytics to quantify habitat areas. From forest feature modeling and erosion monitoring, to wildlife habitat assessment and vegetative species identification, the list of projects that drones are being used for is substantial and continues to grow.



Precision farming technology has driven a farming revolution in recent years; monitoring farmland and crops using low elevation multispectral sensors has improved crop management and increased yields. AboveGeo provides highly accurate crop health imaging and identification of areas of concern within your fields for yield analysis and production improvements — without the cost of ground inspections and at a far greater resolution than satellite imagery (even when there is cloud cover).


As an experienced and qualified drone services company, AboveGeo provides efficient, simple solutions for developers and construction companies. These services aid in planning, production of survey data, and progress monitoring for site documentation.


Drones can play a part in all the stages of the insurance lifecycle to gather data before a risk is insured, in preventative maintenance, and to assess damage after an event.

We provide drone services to operations, saving hours of time conducting visual inspections.

This can also help standardize inspection methods, and can reduce subjective biases.

AboveGeo drone data delivers high-resolution imagery – powerful enough to detect detailed physical damage over time. With the use of aerial surveying methods customized maps are quickly produced for entire areas of interest with automated dimension reports for high accuracy measurements.

With AboveGeo, you’ll have the tools to reduce risk and costs per claim, increase productivity without extra effort, and deliver a better customer experience.

Other Industries

Industries served in both the public and private sector include, but are not limited to: Survey & Construction, Engineering, Wildlife & Habitat Management, Precision Agriculture, Geology & Mining, GIS & Land Management, Fire Fighting, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Insurance, Real Estate, Recreation/Resorts, and Events.

With the low cost, minimal man-hours, high accuracy and the discreet nature of drone data capture, the range of industries AboveGeo can serve is constantly expanding.

If you have a project that you think our aerial mapping, aerial surveying, and image analysis might serve, or any aerial photography and videography needs – please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your needs and provide customized services.