What We Do

AboveGeo provides our drone services to you, our customer, through a consultative process specifically designed to match new technologies with individualized solutions to reduce cost and optimize your financial investments.


3D Mapping

Operating from low altitude, our drones collect high-resolution images that use full color, multispectral, and other advanced sensors that allow for three-dimensional inspections measured in centimeters per pixel. This raw data that we acquire through our aerial mapping and aerial surveying capabilities is converted to three-dimensional color ortho maps, vegetative health maps, and survey grade point clouds using the latest in software technology. These give users the ability to evaluate the terrain, identify objects found on the ground, calculate stockpile volumes, and more – all with better control and resolution than static images or video.

Some of these projects that we offer through our drone service company include:

  • Plant Health and Yield Analysis
  • Mining and Construction Surveys
  • LiDAR terrain mapping


AboveGeo provides detailed inspection services for property, infrastructure, equipment, buildings, and more. Deliverables provided by our drone services can include, high-resolution imagery, maps, 3D models and video.

Some of these projects include:

  • Property Inspections
  • Aerial Tower Inspections
  • Roofs, facades, tanks, lift towers, etc.

Aerial Photography & Videography

AboveGeo offers aerial photography and videography produced with high-quality resolution – that is adaptable to any number of scenarios. Our experienced team of pilots and analysts capture your location, infrastructure, assets, project, or event – with professional technology and experience.

Feature Extraction

Using feature extraction software, our software team can pinpoint and quantify specific shapes, colors, and spectral signatures of target items and spatial features providing object focus for large areas of interest. These technologies were originally developed for satellite-based data at 30 meters per pixel. AboveGeo has adapted these software techniques to provide unprecedented resolutions with resolutions from 5cm to 5mm per pixel.


We know this is an exciting new technological field with ever expanding applications that may be ideal to enhance and grow your business.

At AboveGeo, we are committed to understanding your needs and finding the right solutions for your business. We’ve provided guidance to hundreds of professionals who are curious about the newly discovered capabilities of high resolution aerial data collection.

Let us do the same for you.